Chipman/Rose Memorial Award

Lynn Chipman and Kim Rose left a lasting impression on everyone they met. They were co-workers who became the best of friends. Their family, friends and co-workers felt the strength and beauty of these women in every touch and every conversation. Through everyday actions, they made life and work better, and brought out the best in the people around them. Together they had 50 years of service at Acadia.

Lynn and Kim loved their families, enjoyed their work, and displayed an obvious passion for life. In an unfortunate and ironic turn of fate, they both lost their battles with cancer and left this world much too soon. They fought the disease with a typical positive attitude, living each day to the fullest. This scholarship will be a tribute to their lives and to the contributions they made to Acadia University. With your support their ideals and accomplishments will live on in the lives and careers of the recipients of this award.

About Lynn and Kim

Lynn ChipmanLynn Chipman began her career at Acadia University in 1980 after graduating from the stenography program at Kingstec. Over her 33-year career at Acadia, Lynn was on a mission of learning and professional development.  Lynn valued education for all, believing that education opens doors and creates opportunities. As a young mother raising a child, working full time and volunteering on numerous boards, she consistently made time to further her own education, a testament to her strengths and beliefs.

During her time at Acadia, Lynn earned a Certificate and Diploma in Business, Certificate in Computer Science and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Acadia.

Lynn held several positions in the Technology Services department, including user support, system administration, and finally the Manager of Information Systems. She was an endearing and supportive co-worker and a leader within the group. Lynn worked hard and without fanfare to ensure that tasks were done well and with care for those people around her.

After a courageous battle with cancer, Lynn passed away in 2012.

Kim RoseKim Rose graduated from Acadia University in 1987 with a Bachelor of Computer Science.  She joined Computing Services in 1991 as a member of the Network Group. Kim, never content with status quo, looked for opportunities to advance her career, leading to a move to the User Support Centre, and eventually became the Director. When she had accomplished what she intended there, she moved on to her next challenge, taking on the position of Director of Open Acadia.

In the time Kim spent at Acadia she proved her skill as a leader who got things done. At the same time, making many friends. She left her mark on Acadia, assuring that students received top-notch support and that her co-workers had the tools and opportunities to create their own successes.

Sadly, Kim lost her battle with breast cancer in 2008.

The Award

Established in 2016, the Chipman/Rose Memorial Award was created in honour of Lynn and Kim. This entrance award will be given annually to a female student from the Annapolis Valley entering Acadia University. Hopefully the ideals and accomplishments of Lynn and Kim will live on in the lives and careers of the recipients.

The support for this award has been incredible. The donor list below echoes the reach of Lynn and Kim. We encourage all those who knew these two wonderful women, or are seeking a worthy opportunity to support Acadia University, to make a donation to the fund.  You can click on the button/link below to go to Acadia’s online giving page.  Once there, enter the amount you wish to donate and direct the donation to the “Chipman/Rose Memorial Fund”.  Donations are tax deductible. 

Many thanks for helping to celebrate the lives and contributions to Acadia of two very special people.

Donor List:

Dr. Terry Lane Sonia Richards Tony & Peggy (Jolley) Volrath
Anonymous Darrell Rhodenizer '02 Michael and Kimberley Taweel
Kathy & Gary Doucette Greg Myers Steven Enman '72
Gary & Bernice Meister J. David MacKinnon '74 Doran Hayes
Paul Steele '80 '82 Tim Dimock and Pam Dimock '81 Trisha Urquhart
Oonagh Proudfoot Anonymous Pam D'Entremont
Cathy & Jeff Cantwell Cathy Morine-Collins & Ian Collins Doug Mosher
Jim Rose Ian Murray Dave Power & Softchoice Team
Lynn (Reynolds) Burns '77 David and Kelly Sheehan Scott Ennis and Sally Ennis '95
Wayne and Beverley Shanks Joy and Richard Cunningham Professor Vincent Leung
Anne Rose Christine Kendrick '92 Donna Forbes
Family 1st Medical Bill and Karen Wilder Concorp Inc.
John H. Smith '88 Rod and Lynda Morrison Avaya Canada
Nancy Handrigan '92 Peter Steele & Lorrie Broderick Rod Murphy
Brad & Tammy George Wendy Gabriel 3D datacomm
Dr. Susan Markham-Starr David Marsters E. Wendy Bedingfield
Allan Fletcher Wayne Pulsifer Anne Scott '91
Mike Tracey Open Acadia Joan & Percy Woodman
Emma Wallace Donna Dillman Mairi Demings
Rheanne Sherman Troy & Jodie Acker and Family Cheryl MacDonald '00
Jeff & Joane Meister Senator Kelvin Ogilvie Stephen MacNeil
Shawn O'Toole Alan & Betty McEwan Glenn Wooden '83 '86 and Darlene Wooden
Michelle Larsen Jeff and Wendy Harvey The Acadia Sports Therapy Clinic
Ian Hutchinson and Sonya Major Tia and Matt Pinch Pam Frail
Ivan Tomek Allen Dobson '89 Neil Carruthers
Anonymous Pam, Rich, Maggie & Luke Biggs Ross and Kimberley Monette
Heather Turner Dawn & Tony Greenough Andrew & Linda Nette
Melanie Jackson Jerry and Tina George Kathryn and Mark LeBlanc
Shawna Singleton '91 Wanda Vaughan David and Sharon Watson
Jim and Janet MacLeod ('86, '92) Francis & Bonnie George Marcel Falkenham
Marian Reid Judy Noel-Walsh Acadia Technology Services
Kerry Deveau Richard West '04 and Tena West '03 Acadia Athletics
Anonymous Marshall Conley Tina Johnson
Ray Ivany Dorothy Howard Jaye Cartney
Leslie Oliver Mark Davidson Janna Wentzell
Debbie Boutilier Greg and Debbie Thompson '85 Dr. Heather Hemming
Paula Cook MacKinnon Patti & Blair Davis Barb Baker
Ron Bezanson Lee Chipman Beryl E. Chipman
Donna Doucette Susan Potter  
Peggy Crawford Ian Spooner